Why is the calendar displaying a yellow period in the owner area while it’s red in both BookingDom and on the website?

When a booking is created in BookingDom either manually by an account or automatically as an online booking, the period covering the dates from arrival to departure on the calendar of the apartment is blocked and remains non-bookable unless the booking is cancelled.

Bookings in BookingDom each has a  status related to the status of the payment within it. Once a client pays the down-payment by Credit Card or PayPal, the status of the payment changes to ‘Paid’ and consequently the status of the Booking changes to ‘Confirmed’. On the other hand, if the client chooses to pay via bank transfer, there will be no automatic change of the payment status and thus the account managing the booking should follow up with the client and change both the payment status and the booking status manually upon receiving the proof of payment from the client.

The calendar that is visible by owners in their own reserved area has a slightly different color scheme than that in BookingDom:

– grey means Not available
green means Available
red means Confirmed Booking
and finally yellow means Booked but Not Confirmed (i.e dates are blocked but still in progress waiting for client to make the payment) While in BookingDom, the current booking stays in red no matter whether it’s confirmed or not and the only way to know would be checking its status.

If an owner complains about a yellow period showing on their calendar in the owner area while they expect it to be red instead, the first thing to do is to check the status of the booking in BookingDom in order to evaluate whether it’s a technical issue or not.

In case in the owner area the calendar is displaying a supposedly ‘Confirmed’ booking in yellow instead of red and you have already double checked using the above mentioned logical sequence of colors vs. status, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team.