Why didn’t the status of the request change to ‘In Progress’ although my client replied?

When you either send an email or an offer from inside the request, the system automatically sets the status of the request to ‘Waiting for reply‘ or ‘Offer sent‘ respectively.

How does the status change automatically?

By default, when the client replies to your e-mail, the system tracks the reply and resets the request to status ‘In progress‘. You go to the  ‘History’ tab and click the ‘Open mail’ button in order to open the thread of the mail directly without the need to manually switch to the Email Module.

Why doesn’t the status change sometimes?

In certain cases, however, where the client composes a new mail and sends it to you instead of replying to the email they received from you, the status of the request will NOT change automatically as the tracking process will be interrupted.

There are some other reasons that might cause loss of tracking, such as the use of certain devices or the client having blocked the tracking code in some way.

Here, the account needs to check for mail from the client directly in the Email Module. A workaround is the use of the Reminders Module.