What is the difference between Status of booking & Status of payment?

 Status of Booking vs. Status of Payment

For a better management of your reservations/ bookings, you need to understand well the differences between Status of Booking/reservation and Status of Payment, which are sometimes, but not always, correlated.

Status of Booking:

  • When the status of a Booking is ‘New’, this means that it has been just created.

  • The status is ‘Sent’ when you send the payment link to your client and change the status manually to sent.

  • The status is ‘Approved’ when the client has only accepted the contract in My BookingDom (the Client Reserved Area) before proceeding with first choosing the payment method then eventually making the payment, which they can do immediately after accepting or at a later moment.

  • The status is ‘Confirmed’ when the client pays the Down-payment in My BookingDom.

 Status ‘Confirmed’ can also be set manually in case your client was paying via Bank Draft or Paypal and you set it upon receiving proof of payment from your client.

  • The status is ‘Rejected’ when the booking is cancelled for some reason or you have valid reasons to reject it.

Status of Payment:

 Status of payment can be found inside the Reservation itself.

  • The status of a payment is ‘Pending’ , it means that the client has not payed yet nor chosen method of payment.

  • The status is ‘Sent’, when the payment link has been sent to the client.

  • The status is ‘Approved’, when the client has accepted the contract and selected the payment method but not necessarily paid.

  • The status ‘Paid’ changes automatically from ‘Approved’  for payments made by CC and PayPal. In case of BT it can be set manually.

Note that from ‘Paid’ the status can be later changed only to ‘Returned’ when applicable.

  • The status is ‘Rejected’ when, of course, you reject a payment for a valid reason.

 Note that you can reject a single payment then reset its status to ‘Pending’ and after that send the payment link again to your client.

Pay attention:If you ‘Cancel’ a payment, the action is Not reversible.