Open Contract Bookings

You can find the ‘Open contract‘ button in the Reservation Module, ‘Period‘ tab when creating a booking. To activate this button you use the slider to change it from red to green.

Before we go more into detail on how open bookings are created and how they work, we’ll briefly explain what an Open Contract means first.

What is an open contract?

It’s a particular type of booking where the check-in date is known (and specified) while the check-out date is not (and not set). An open booking is automatically renewable until, with the right notice period (15 days for monthly, 3 days for weekly), the customer chooses to terminate the contract.

In Short-Term Bookings or closed bookings there are defined/set arrival and departure dates and check-in/out dates (that are usually but not always identical)  while in Open Contract Bookings, the departure date DOESN’T mean the end of the reservation: the reservation will end when the check-out date will be set.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 17.00.16 You can change a closed booking into an open booking but not the opposite. To close an open booking, simply fill-in the check-out date.

The system will periodically check calendars for Open Contracts with no defined check-out dates to see whether to prolong these bookings to the next “period” (and will automatically  add a new payment in the Commercial tab as an Additional service with Monthly payoff).

How to create  a booking with Open Contract?

1- Block the calendar as you would with any other reservation. (selecting arrival and departure dates of the first week or month lease. Please note that for monthly bookings, the departure date should be set on the same day of arrival but of the following month ( ex: 1.01.2015 – 1.02.2015 or 25.06.2015 – 25.07.2015))

2- In the ‘Periodtab of the booking in Reservation Module, you will first get  the following screen (the ‘Open contract’ button is deactivated by default i.e. red):



3- Once you click on the slider for activating the ‘Open contract’ button, you’ll get a pop-up where you’ll find:

–  The contract expiry date (expiry date of the contract with the property owner)

– The First not available date in the future (the date after which there is no more availability)

The system will block the calendar from the arrival date to this ‘First not available date’.


4- The check-out date box will remain empty (till it’s eventually set by the account once the client decides to terminate the contract) and in the ‘Pay In’ field you will no longer have the Unique option since an open booking is paid periodically. The system will set the payment solution automatically into Monthly.


5- The system asks you whether you wish to continue. Click yes to create the open booking.
Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 17.02.07IMP: Even if there’s no available period on the property, the account may choose to ignore the warning and go ahead with the booking.

An example of a simple Open Contract Booking starting with a one-month period would be the following:

Calendar of the apartment is blocked for one month for adding a reservation (Creating a Reservation) with the difference that in this case the ‘Open contract‘ button needs to be activated.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 18.17.16

  • Type: Open (button activated)
  • Arrival date : 1st Jan 2015
  • Departure date: 1st  Feb 2015
  • Check-in date: 1st Jan 2015
  • Check-out date: unknown (empty)
  • Pay in: Monthly

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 18.18.39

Which means:

    1. The price for the first month is calculated and split between down-payment and balance and the payment is configured for monthly payment.

Screen Shot 2014


2. All availability in the future on the property (reaching the first unavailable date ) is removed so the calendar will be all grey after the defined departure date. In red, you’ll see the arrival and departure dates you had initially blocked. This happens in order to prevent the apartment from appearing in the search results when an open booking exists.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 17.02.07IMP: Once an open contract is closed (check-out date is set) the calendar does not turn back into green i.e. Available and needs to to be set manually.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 18.19.59

3. The placeholder for ‘Pay In’  in the contract of the property will be automatically updated with either the Weekly or Monthly options and the placeholder for ‘Open/Closed Booking’ will also be updated automatically only if the placeholders have been previously inserted into the Contract Template. (Setting Conditions of a Property)

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.18.13

4. The system checks on a daily basis for calendars with open bookings, and if no check-out date is found ‘set’ within the notice period (which is 15 days for monthly bookings and 3 days for weekly bookings), the contract will be renewed for another ‘period’ (week/month) and a payment will be automatically created as ‘Extra Service with Monthly balance’.

5.  In the Owner Area, the property owner will be warned when trying to make changes to the calendar of a property in “Open contract mode“. He/she won’t be able to add or remove availability after the arrival date of the open booking. (About BookingDom Owner)