I receive multiple requests from the same client, why does it happen and how to manage those requests?

How are multiple requests created?

1) When a client sends more than one inquiry for different apartments, without changing any other information (such as dates, pax, comments etc..), within 30 minutes time of his/her session on the website (30 min including closing and re-opening the browser), the system automatically compiles the selected apartments and you will receive only ONE request with multiple apartments which you will find listed in the ‘Apartments selected for the offer’ section of the request. Otherwise,  inquiries sent after the 3o min session will be considered as another request even if the information is identical.

2) If the client sends two requests for the same apartment and changes at least one other piece of information, the request is duplicated.


How to work with multiple requests?

In order to manage multiple requests, you need to open them all and check for differences in information, then group them in one place i.e in one request and close the duplicates.