How do clients pay with Credit Card?

1)What happens when the client selects Credit Card as method of payment?

There are 2 ways to complete a payment with Credit Card:

  1. SSL” payment: Where the client enters credit card data and card security code/ CVV (found on the back of the card) and clicks “Pay”
  2. 3D Secure” payment (used by Visa and MasterCard): Client enters CC information and the CVV and clicks “Pay”; he or she is then redirected to a page prompted by their bank (while still in the payment session), where they should input a password for identification

The client does not have the choice between SSL and 3D Secure and it all depends on the card type they are using.

Further reading on 3DSecure :

2) How can we monitor the process and understand where and what kind of issues they are facing?

It might happen that the client is completely unaware of the fact that he or she has to deal with 3D Secure, so it’s up to us to understand if this is the case and give an explanation on why they are facing the issue.

The information necessary to understand in which step the client is facing issues can be found in the ‘History‘ Tab of the reservation.

3) What if the problem is not 3DSecure?

If  the problem is not 3D Secure authentication, where the client has inserted the right identification code and double checked with their bank, it might be that on our side the transaction is still declined i.e. not accepted by our Bank:

It could be because of shortage of credit available on the credit card not enough  to cover the cost or could be for other reasons having to do with banking circuits. For completing the payment, the client can try using a different Credit Card or select a different payment method.

4) Client cancels their first attempt of payment by Credit Card. What to do?

When the client cancels their first attempt, the gateway considers the payment complete and consequently the client cannot try again.

The simplest thing to be done is to reject the payment in the Reservation and create an additional service with the option ‘Monthly Balance‘ to substitute the rejected amount and send a new payment link. The Reservation status should be set manually later on  to ‘Confirmed‘ after the client manages to pay.

For more information regarding  adding extra services: