Creating a ticket

Once you click on the ‘Create New Ticket’ button, you need to fill-in the form making sure you don’t skip any mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk *) otherwise you won’t be able to submit your ticket.

Keep in mind that the more accurate you are when filling the form, the better we can comprehend your support issue and provide you with a response.

What information do we need from you?

Title: When you provide us with a  short title, this helps us evaluate the priority of the issue and give it the appropriate quick attention.

Browser/ Operating System: Sometimes a user’s computer or browser settings can impact the usability of the software and many times an issue is related to your browser and/or Operating system or device so in order to be able to test or repeat an issue we need to know the name and when possible the version of the browser/OS (example: Mac OS version 10.9.5, Browser Safari 7.1)

Issue Category*: Specifying the category helps direct us to the Area and/or Module where you are experiencing the issue.

Booking ID/ Request ID (if not applicable type n/a)*: Is a valuable piece of information directly related to an issue and is a mandatory field. In case your issue does not necessarily include an identifier, just type n/a.

Customer’s E-mail: It is highly recommended (although not mandatory) depending on the issue, to provide us with the customer’s email for further investigation.

Property Name: Provide us with the name of the apartment and/or ID in order for us to check the property details.

Website + Language: This is the name of website where the issue might have originated (example Halldis, Rxp). Note that issues can be sometimes related to the viewing language and it can give us a clue (example EN,IT, AR etc..) so make sure you also specify the Language of the site.

Recurrent issue?*: You have the choice between:

no: if it only happened once

yes: happens on more than one occasion but you manage to get it working with some retry

yes all the time: if it is persistent

yes n times: if it happened a certain number of times, and doesn’t happen anymore

If recurrent n times, how many?: if you know exactly how many times the issue was recurrent please specify the number of times.

Is it repeatable?*: a mandatory field where:

yes: means we can repeat the steps in order to get the same error/issue you described in detail in your message


Your message: This field is at your disposal in order to describe the issue in a more detailed manner ‘help us help you!’. Give us detailed instructions when your issue is repeatable.

Attach a file: it would be very helpful for us to see your error. So if you can, please attach a screenshot of the page where the error is occurring and/or files relevant to your issue.

Department: You are kindly asked to specify the department you work for. This would help us with statistics.

Helpful information when contacting technical support

1) Our Tech support is meant for resolving issues directly related to BookingDom. For IT support please contact your IT department.

2) When creating a ticket, and after you supply the basic and mandatory information, further information that you type in your message will be very useful for us to investigate the issue especially when you provide step-by-step instructions to guide us through repeating the issue such as the steps you took to encounter the error – which page(s) you were on, which button(s) you clicked.

3) Shortly after you submit the form, you will receive an automatic e-mail telling you that your support ticket was received. As soon as one of our support agents replies to your ticket, you will receive another e-mail notifying you that a reply has been posted.

4) To check the reply, we suggest you do that directly from your Trouble Ticketing account especially if a screenshot is attached. Keep the Trouble Ticketing page always open in your browser and Refresh the page before checking replies.

5) If we identify a bug, we will notify our developers by creating a task. So just keep in mind that correcting a bug can take time depending on the level of complexity of the issue.

6) Note that we close a ticket when we believe that the answer we gave you was sufficient or definitely resolves your issue. But you can reopen the ticket at anytime in case the issue persists or if you need additional information.